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Deliberations 3.8

Virday, 25th of Foundation, YD180 “You have enough able-bodied crew,” said Francois, “there is no need for this.” Knell drummed her fingers on the clean, steel arms of the chair, looking up at the tiny lights set into the ceiling. … Continue reading

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Interlude 3.x

What Frightful Gaze 10th of Foundation, YD 180 Audience Chamber The Ashen Palace Throne The audience chamber at the Ashen Palace is lined with pillars. Six pillars, three a side, rising to the vaulted ceiling. Each is inscribed with the … Continue reading

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Deliberations 3.7

Peaceful Sleep was in a nicer district of Moonbend, close to the Quiet Man’s known haunts. An open garden with bolts of silk and light, strong wooden walls like small huts or gazebos. Knell had never seen anything like it … Continue reading

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Deliberations 3.6

Wainwright had to be caged, for his own good. He couldn’t manage conversation, so Knell did most of the talking, sat on the opposite side of the barred doorway to a disused hold that passed for a brig. He did … Continue reading

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Deliberations 3.5

“Fuck,” exclaimed Knell, as she stood with arms folded watching over the Herald and Wainwright on what passed for medical beds in a lower hold. The Herald’s was shored up with scrap steel to keep it from collapsing under his … Continue reading

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Deliberations 3.4

Knell burst into the bridge, and crewman Viggs threw himself over the console, peering over with a hand-crossbow at the ready. Knell crossed the room and he relaxed knowing it was only her, but tensed again before he could question … Continue reading

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Deliberations 3.3

“I’m assuming the cargo is below?” He didn’t meet her eye, dark hair hanging over his face, staring at the pile of dust and steel that was his bodyguard. “You killed her. Completely,” he said, sounding younger than he looked. … Continue reading

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