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Deliberations 3.9

“I met Wainwright six years ago, not long after Daffyd,” said Knell, steaming cup of tea in her hands. Fisk had refused, watching Cornelius with narrowed eyes and folded arms from her post by the door. Daffyd watched the steam … Continue reading

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Intermission 2: Theology Lessons

Siddhar’s Ethics Introduction Glory to the True Dragon, arbiter of will. I am Siddhar, of House Djuke. My siblings and contemporaries now war and bicker, yet here I, as highest of the House, sit with pen in claw. It is … Continue reading

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Accusers 2.9

The city still echoed with gunfire in the gray dawn, as Knell found her ship and breathed a sigh of relief. No mutiny, no abandonment. She banged on the hull until a bruised and bloody crewman opened the hatch. “Thank … Continue reading

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